Sock woes

I am now on the foot of my first sock for Sockapalooza 4 (I forgot to take a picture though). I'm growing more and more concerned though that I should maybe rip it out and reknit it either on a larger needle or with a different pattern (I'm currently knitting Charade) . Right now it barely fits over my heel, but once it's on it fits pretty well. My partners foot is smaller than mine (I wear a 10 and sometimes an 11, where she wears a 6.5).

Help! I need some advice from experienced sock knitters. This is my second pair of socks ever and my first pair for someone else. Should I rip the sock and start over or figure that since her foot is smaller, it will fit over her heel alright?

I started out knitting these on 2 circulars (Crystal Palace US1 bamboo) but I broke one over the weekend!

So it's magic loop the rest of the way for me...


Kathinka said…
Hi there,

I wear size 10, too, and my sock pal has size 6,5. Same situation. When I try on her almost finished socks, it feels just the same as you described it. So, no worries! I think everything sound alright. Just watch the length of the foot, the ankle will be fine. If you want to 250% sure, ask a friend or colleague with smaller feet to try on the socks in progress. That's what I did.
Kathinka said…

please add s and be. They were to slow for the first comment.
Natalie said…
I wouldn't worry about it, the difference between a size 6.5 foot and a size 10 means that she shouldn't have a problem with it!
good luck!
I wear a 6.5 and would be glad to try them on for you! : ;
I would not worry about the heel feeling snug, but I would recommend trying to find some one with that size foot as a fit model. I use my kids! But I would not hesitate to walk into a yarn store and beg for someone with the correct foot size.

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