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Alrighty then

Knitty pumpkins - done!

So close I can smell it...

Fabric store frustration

Ceramics wednesday

Few and far between

back tack II done!

Knitty surprises

my golden birthday

the hard part's done - now for the shopping part!

My first meme

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Some inspiration / help

I am a crafty bastard

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Not a good title

Kids + art


Monday and stuff

back tack II

Ramble this-a way

First spun skein

profile photo

back tack II

Relating exercising and knitting

What's the opposite of a nightmare?

Happy 30th Birthday!

Captain Obvious?

I love to go shopping, down to the mall

It's all golf, all the time

m0nkey cake$

back tack wrap up

back tack

We are the champions!!!!

Let's go Hop!!!!

A DC recommendation