Happy Birthday to me!!!

So, yesterday I turned 26. I am having somewhat mixed feelings about it in that in some ways I feel very old, but in other ways I feel like I have my whole life in front of me. It sort of makes me want to figure out my life and make whatever next move is necessary to get on with it. There will definitely be some changes in the next couple of years, it's just a matter of which ones I want to persue and which I want to leave on the wayside.

Enough of that deep crap, let's talk about my actual birthday.

Well, yesterday was a very pleasant day. Everyone at work remembered to wish me a happy birthday, including my boss. We went to a good peruvian/mexican restaurant for lunch and returned to have some yummy pumpkin pie. While I was at work, Isaac informed me that he had all the plans set for the evening, I just had to wear a dress and be home at 6:30 (not earlier though). Well, I got home and he had arranged lots of flowers for me in one of our vases and signed a card from my family for me. They flowers are beautiful and he did a great job of picking them out and arranging them. He also bought me Mulan on DVD and wrote me a sweet card that almost made me cry. After that, we went to our favorite yummy sushi restaurant (no dress really required, it was just a big trick). I talked to my parents and my sister, watched the lunar eclipse on the roof (very cool and pretty - one guy had his telescope out there and let us look through it a bunch) and then watched the end of the World Series.

Overall it was a very enjoyable, pleasant day. I couldn't have asked for much more. Plus, tomorrow night, a bunch of us are going to Baltimore to see my friend's band play. I have never seen them live before and am looking forward to it!


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