I'm moving to Holland

Kerry Concedes Defeat; Bush Wins Second Term (washingtonpost.com)

I knew I didn't want Bush to be president again, but can't believe how much I don't want it now that it has actually happened. I am truly frightened by what sort of damage the man will do in the next 4 years. I'm not talking Iraq either. I am more frightened by what he's going to do with the environment, abortion rights, gay marriage/civil unions, corporate tax cuts, allowing US jobs to go overseas, the list goes on. I'm also somewhat afraid that he is going to be looking to fulfill his personal agenda now that he doesn't have to worry about being reelected. Heck, as it is, look at the things he's done even though he was looking to get reelected. I have to say that I am really dissapointed in half of my fellow Americans. Argh again!!!! What a crappy week.


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