I love to go shopping, down to the mall

Those were the lyrics to one of my sister's first competetive team dances and quite appropriate for this post.

I've done a little shopping the last couple of days. Luckily, none of it involved going to the mall since around here, going to the mall involves paying for parking and fighting off hundreds of pre-teens from other states.

On to my purchases...

First, I ordered Heidi at My Paper Crane's zine "Spin-Spin" so that I can learn to use a drop spindle. It's extremely thorough (covers making a drop spindle, obtaining and processing fibers and more!) This is my first zine and my first intro to spinning. I am looking forward to getting the stuff to make a drop spindle next week and some roving.

Which brings me to my next purchase. Yesterday, I stopped at Springwater on my way home from work. I went there to pick up some yarn, needles and a little book for my cousin who is almost 11 and who was visiting for the week (I didn't take a picture of what I gave her and she's in Sacramento now). I had taught her how to knit a little and sent her off with an early birthday present to knit on her own. While I was there, I picked up this yummy yarn:

2/1 wool silk handspun and dyed at Springwater. I also picked up a new row counter, became a member for half of the year (giving me 10% off all fiber purchases) and signed up for a class on needle felting forms and vessels.

Now, for the non-knitting/spinning content, I bought these shoes:

at a cute store on 14th Street called Pop. Cute, no? They're super comfortable too.

And finally, while at Target, I purchased two copies of a movie that my sister and I have both been wanting on DVD for awhile. I didn't even know it had come out, I just happened to see it on the shelf. It's a hilarious movie!
That's it for now! Have a great weekend! We're heading to Artscape in Baltimore this afternoon. I'll post pictures from it tomorrow.


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