It's all golf, all the time

When we moved, Isaac thought we would maybe leave our TV in the rental unit and just live without TV. Well, he missed the Daley Show and his Yo! MTV Raps (don't ask) too much, so we got cable. The cable guy came out on Tuesday to hook it up, but something happened and it didn't work. So, now instead of the channels we used to get somewhat decently with the rabbit ears, we get Fox (used to be channel 5, now channel 90-something), 2 CBS stations (both exactly the same and in the 90's) and the Golf channel. Oh boy! forget the rest of the cable channels, we have the golf channel, what more could you possibly want!?!?!

I am a little dissapointed though because we were going to get digital cable free for 3 months, but I told them to forget it, since at this point, just regular cable would be great. I was looking forward to the Sundance Channel and the DIY network, but it's probably better this way anyway. I probably would have been sucked in and we would have had to get the digital channels too...


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