First spun skein

It's so little, I'm not actually sure that it can be called a skein... I am pretty proud of it though and I think I may just leave it as it is. Isaac suggested I knit him a yarmulka out of it, but I'm pretty sure he was kidding about that. He wasn't nearly as impressed with my yarn spinning skills as I was, but he pointed out that his mom used to spin and weave for a living when he was a kid, so it's something he saw a lot of as a kid.

Here's a picture of the yarn in progress showing the roving I used, my homemade drop spindle and Heidi's spin-spin zine:I'm planning to use my yarn/fiber allowance to buy some more roving from Springwater next week. Hopefully this time I'll get enough to actually make something with the spun yarn!


carolyn said…
Looks fantastic! I can't believe you're spinning your own yarn! BTW your blog is so awesome :) I wish I could keep ours updated like you!

Keep up the great exercise scheme and many thanks for the b-day card ;) I can't wait to see you!

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