Relating exercising and knitting

My two weak points are my love of shopping (especially for knitting/crafting supplies) and going through bouts of being really in shape and then just being lazy and eating anything I want and not exercising. Well, I've come up with an ingenious plan to help with both.

Here it is:
From now on, for every 10 minutes I exercise, I will give myself $1.00. That money can be used for any knitting related items I want (yarn, needles, patterns, roving, drop spindles, etc), but I can not buy those items with any other money. I'm going to work on putting some sort of record of my current yarn allowance in the sidebar, but that might take a couple of days.

I've told Isaac the plan and he figures it's a win-win situation for him. If I don't exercise there will be less yarn and related paraphenelia around the house, but if I do exercise, then at least I'll be in shape. Let's hope I exercise a lot so that I am back in shape and I get to do lots of knitting related shopping!

For even more inspiration, Isaac and I are registering for a 5-mile run in September. I've run 4 miles in the past and I can easily run 3 miles (especially if the course is flat), so I don't think training for 5 miles will be too difficult. After the race, we get to let frogs (plastic ones) go in Jones Falls. Whoever's frog crosses the finish line first wins!

Wish me luck with my new plan!


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