Alrighty then

Class has been over for a couple of weeks now. (I got an A- yeah!) What have I been doing since then? Well, among several other things, mostly knitting.

Here's a knitting update:

Finished in the last week or so -
  • knitty pumpkin in Cascade 220 - post here
  • double knit ski cap from the blue blog in Cascade 220 superwash - I made it a little too short though and there are definitely some mistakes in it. Isaac likes to point them out for me.
  • 2 knitty pocket creatures in the same Cascade 220 superwash as the double knit hat - I gave these to Isaac last night for his Hannukah present
  • one shining star hat in the baby size (super fast knit!) in some lion's brand yarn
On the needles -
  • a suprise project that I am still working on and I'm not sure that it will be done anytime soon in Jaeger Matchmaker DK - it's a suprise, so here's a cryptic picture I found on the camera
  • a shining star hat in the adult xxl size in ??? (I can't remeber right now) - no picture either
  • hush hush (still!), which has been on temporary hiatus while I work on the surprise project - no picture again!
In the wings -
  • at least 3 more shining star hats in the baby or toddler size (depending on how the swatch turns out) in Rowan Calmer (that's right 3 people we know are having babies in the next 6 months!)
  • a baby blanket for one of the babies in Lion Brand Cotton Ease
  • Sitcom chic in Lion Brand Cotton Ease
  • hhmmm... I'm sure I'll think of more things. I am really into hats right now, so probably some more hats. Plus, they're good for using up single skeins of yarn.
Finally, here's a picture of my sister learning how to dye roving using kool aid. I taught her while my family was visiting in November.


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