ksks fabric

Although I've been super busy not posting, I haven't forgotten my swap obligations. Here's proof:
I bought this fabric the other day and I plan to use this tutorial for the main bag, this pattern for a drawstring bag with some modifications to hopefully look something like this (scroll down past the yarn pictures - if you can) and a zip pouch or roll for notions. I'm planning to make the outside of the bag in the pinky-purple fabric and lining it with the swirly mosaic fabric (which will also make up the straps). The pattern I'm using makes a reversible bag, but I think that I'll be adding custom pockets and stuff on the inside, so it won't really be reversible. The greenish fabric will be for the pouch/roll that goes inside.

I also bought some knitting notions to go along with the kit, but I forgot to take a picture of them. And I bought some yarn dyed at Springwater, but I can't find it right now. You heard me right - I LOST YARN. It'll turn up eventually I'm sure. Our house is in more disarray than usual, so I'm not too surprised I can't find it.

All that's left (besides the sewing, which shouldn't be too bad) is to find a pattern to send along with the kit (and the non-knitting related goodies to add to the package). Choosing a pattern would be easier if I'd ever knitted a sock before... Oh well, that's my own fault I guess. Hopefully that will change after this swap.

So, that's it for now. I'm working on some crazy ceramics and it's pretty much all I want to do these days (well, except spin, but no wheel sort of helps with that). Hopefully I'll be able to post some ceramics stuff one of these days soon.


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