I have totally slacked on posting for a couple of months now, but hopefully I'll get better at it again.

Crafty Bastards was this past Sunday. I helped Teresa of sewingstars set up her booth and then walked around a bit. I ended up not really buying anything. I may have been slightly disenchanted by the whole thing since we didn't get in. Plus these days most of my purchases are based on whether it is immediately consumable or if I really want to pack it. Anyway, Teresa was super duper nice and I ended up getting two pouches from her as thank you's for helping her set up (as well as some stationary and brownies) and I bought one of her owls. I figured since I didn't buy anything else I could splurge. I don't have a picture of my owl, but you can find him here in the sewing stars shop. He's sitting on my nightstand now. I also met Teresa's friend Heather of Bright Lights Little City. She found out on Friday that she is going to be on Martha this Wednesday. How awesome is that?! I have the Tivo set already to record the show. Her lamps are super pretty too. I'll definitely be keeping her lamps in mind for our new digs in California. I'll probably need a bedside lamp.

Most of my craft supplies are already packed up, but I've kept out some unfinished knits to hopefully complete during the transition. I've also kept some top and my drop spindles out to keep me occupied. I finished the side-way ribs sweater from Knitscene but need to take a picture of it still. I'm also trying to figure out the best way to block it. I wet blocked the swatch, but re-reading the knitty article made me hesitate to do it on the whole sweater because she says that alpaca will stretch when wet, the sweater may be a little too long already and the yarn is of course full of alpaca. We'll see. Pictures may or may not show up here at some point.


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