Note to self: You are not as cool as you think you are

I don't actually think I'm all that cool. Yes, I live in the city in a pretty up and coming urban area, but I still work in the 'burbs of NoVa (that's northern Virginia for those of you who don't know) and shop a lot at huge chains like Costco and Target. And we have 2 (that's right, count 'em 2) cars.

Anyway, when we first moved into our condo, Isaac's parents came and helped us buy furniture and such. Well, our couch, coffee table and end table came from a store on our street called Habitat. I just found out yesterday that Costco now sells the exact same coffee table and end table plus a buffet type table that I didn't know existed and it will all be on sale next week for much less than what we payed.

Just more proof that we are not cool.


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