My parents are moving and they're not sure what to do with the cat. They might keep him depending on where they live, but they might not be able to. Isaac and I would take him in a heartbeat (he is technically my cat), but Isaac is pretty allergic to animals.

Here's a conversation we just had regarding the cat:

Isaac: We could let him live in the storage unit. We could fix it up and make it real fun for him.
Me: OK, but I don't think the storage unit would let animals live there.
I: Why not, they let people live there?
Me: *laughing* Good point.

Seriously, every time we go to the storage unit, no matter what day of the week or what time of day, there are always at least 2 - 3 guys there that are just sitting on a pile of their stuff outside their storage units. We see at least one of them every time we go. I would be 100% percent certain that the live there, but there are a couple of holes in that theory.

See, this entry turned out to be about storage after all.

Update March 24, 2005: My parents are taking the cat after all! They're moving into a different place where there are no excuses to not take the cat and both of my parents had to admit their secret love for the cat. Yeah!!!!


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