goals for 2006

Isaac and I spent our new year's eve on our couch drinking really, really good hot chocolate. Hot chocolate as good as any we had in Europe - well, except for that hot chocolate we had at the top of the lift to Torgon, Switzerland...

But I digress.

After we watched Regis fumble the countdown, we both wrote down 5 goals for 2006. Here are mine (you'll have to ask Isaac for his):
  • get rid of 30 - 50% of the stuff in our house
  • run regularly
  • go back to yoga regularly
  • sell some of the things I make by either a) setting up a shop online or b) participating in a fair of some sort
  • purge, organize and clean our house so that we aren't embarrassed when people come over
So far, I have started to run regularly (nothing like a 10-mile race in 2 months to motivate you), went to yoga once (and plan to go tonite) and we are spending our weekends purging and organizing - hopefully we'll be mostly done before Isaac's parents come in February.

2006 is off to a good start.


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