Happy new year!

hhmmm.. That's pretty much the most generic title ever. oh well! It's true - I wish everyone a very happy new year.

We had a very lovely 4 day weekend doing nothing much outside of the house, but we did finally begin to start organizing the house and getting rid of junk we really don't need. Friday we had to deal with some furniture and anew renter (there were some brief moments of inexperience on our part, but everything seems to have turned out ok). Overall, it was a great weekend and I wish it weren't over. We watched the ball drop in NYC from the comfort of our couch and gawked at Regis' inability to count down properly (did anyone else catch that?)

All that home time gave me plenty of opportunitites to knit some more. Here's my latest project a hat of course!):
Pattern: Esther Williams by poor miss finch
Yarn: Lamb's pride worsted in rust
Needles: US 8 Denise interchangeables (for now - I am planning to buy some bamboo circulars tonite to take on the plane with me just to make sure they don't get confiscated and if they do, I won't cry over lost parts to my Denise interchangeables)

Here's a stitch marker I made for myself this weekend too - it's a monkey, if you can't tell.

Tonite I am going to pack up all my knitting for the plane, which will include the Esther Williams hat and 3 skeins of Calmer to knit 4 baby shining star hats. I'll be missing the baby shower for one of the babies while we are away, so hopefully I'll have it to give to the mom to be when we get back.

Oh and I'll be getting my hair cut tonite too! More on that tomorrow with the before and after pictures (and maybe some during).

And some other point in the future - new year's resolutions! oh yeah, how can you stand the excitement?!?!

You may be wondering about this plane and trip I keep mentioning? We're going to a wedding! In another country! With snow and skiing! And cheese! (I'm excited, can you tell?)


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