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We're back! Europe and the wedding were absolutely wonderful and being back in the US and at work is really hard. The trip was full of snow, skiing, good company, lots of border crossings, drinking, cheese and chocolate. More on the rest of the trip later.

While we were on vacation, I managed to make 2 hats. The first is the Esther Williams hat (by poor miss finch - no permalink, just scroll down the page to find the pattern) and the second is a baby sized Shining Star hat (by Kate Gilbert).

The Esther Williams hat turned out alright, but it's a little bit too big (that's what I get for not swatching). I am going to try and block the living daylights out of it and get it to fit. I haven't crocheted on the edge yet though since I won't be able to see with it on if it doesn't shrink.
Pattern: Esther Williams hat by Poor Miss Finch
Yarn: 1 skein (with lots left over!) of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Rust (someone at the chalet thought it looked like ground beef, so it's now known as the ground beef hat)
Needles: Addi Turbo Naturals, US8, 16" circulars

The shining star hat is quite cute. I used the same needles as the Esther Williams hat since it was the only pair I took with me to Europe.

Pattern: Shining Star by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Rowan Calmer in Drift (460)
Needles: Addi Turbo Naturals, US8, 16" circulars (using the magic loop method for the beginning)

I'm already working on another shining star with the same ball of Calmer. However, this time I am making a couple of modifications to my methods. First, after reading this entry by Grumperina, I cast on using this method. Second, I am using 6 dpn's in US 7. What possesed me to learn how to use dpn's is beyond me, since I have no intention of ever knitting socks, but after the first few rows, things are not too bad. The beginning was a little shaky, but I'm getting the hang of it. However, once I am done with the increases, I think I will be switching back to circulars. I have a whole slew of these hats in the que (3 of the babies were born while we were away, so I'm already behind!!!), so by the time I'm done, I should be an expert and have my methods down.

Next hat in line: this one by Grumperina, as soon as she gets the pattern written. (I am on a HUGE hat kick right now, only 1 skein of yarn required and quick to knit up. Plus, it's cold outside!!!)

Final knitting note of the day: I was thinking that I would start a list of projects that take 1 skein of yarn or less in the sidebar. I think I am still going to, but someone apparently had a similar idea.

Update: I finished the second shining star hat this weekend. I eliminated one round of repeats at the end to make it a little shorter. In the end, it looks about the same as the first one (except shorter) so I think I will be sticking with the circular us 8's. I never did switch from the dpn's to a circular needle. Now I just need to send them off. Hopefully they'll fit since I have no idea what size a babies head is. I am just going off the pattern!


brian said…
Nice to see that bag of ground beef that was laying around the chalet actually turn into something. Nice hat!

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