Final back tack post

I thought I'd summarize my softie making process - if not for some random person on the internet, then for myself in case I want to make one again (which I am pretty sure I do). There are lots of cute pictures at the end!

I used the kitty pattern out of this book.

(ISBN: 4-529-04076-3 - I bought it at the Matsuwa in Schaumburg, IL)

I photo copied the pattern at 90% (to make it ~ 20cm tall per back tack requirements) and cut them all out. The fabric I used for the softie was black and white jersey with iron on interfacing (Pellon interfacing for apparel and crafts - the most flexible one I could find since I didn't need it for stiffness but to prevent stretching when I stuffed the softie)

The other big thing I did was to use moveable joints for the first time ever. I bought them from CR's crafts per a suggestion in the back of the small toys to sew book from sewing stars. They didn't work as well as I thought they would... I had to file down the inside of the lock washer in order to get it to fit on the post. That really stunk - I'm sure there is some way to use them without the filing, but I haven't figured it out. If I didn't file the lock washer I could not for the life of me get them onto the post. The other problem I had was a floppy head issue. I didn't know what to do about it and I still don't, so I had to send her that way.

See how her head flops back and forth? That's her one big flaw in my opinion.

I think my favorite part of making this softie was all of the dresses I made for her. They were so easy to sew and so cute!

The three dresses from the front

The three dresses from the back.

The dress with ties was made from this pattern and is reversible. All of the dresses were made with stash fabric (the mint green one is felt). These dresses are where I chose to incorporate my 5 buttons per back tack requirements.

I think that pretty much summarizes the whole creation process. I am definitely going to be sewing more softies in the near future!

Here are some additional pictures I took before I sent her off. Enjoy!


Outfit #1

Outfit #1 - other side

Outfit #2 - the one I sent her in

Outfit #3

Before I sent her off, I figured I would take her on a little sight seeing tour of DC.

A building on 14th Street

A tree on the National Mall

In front of the Washington Monument

I wanted to take her couple more places, but I ran out of time before I had to send her off. Hopefully she saw enough of DC and is enjoying her new home!

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ljmax said…
I love your kitty...makes me want to get that book!

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