A pointy kitty of my own!

I received my back tack III package in the mail yesterday from the wonderful Laura.

My first pleasant surprise was that she had wrapped everything in the box in beautiful wrapping paper. See:

For anyone who has ever seen me unwrap a present, you know it took me forever to unwrap these so that I could save that beautiful paper.

Here's a picture of everything in the package (except for the beautiful letter press note that Laura wrote):

Laura included a delicous looking bar of chocolate that I can not wait to break into (the only reason I haven't yet is because I still have leftover guilt from eating a lot of pie at work yesterday - but I'm sure it will be eaten this weekend). She also included a journal book kit for me to make since I mentioned that I want to do more bookbinding. It's even from one of my favorite stores - Paper Source! I think I am going to make the book (after I finish my yarn for Dye-o-rama this weekend) and use it for recording notes on knitting patterns that I use.

Here's are some shots of the kitty on her own.

I don't know what it is about her, but I love her to bits! Somehow she has her own personality - a little sassy and very self-confident. I also love this button on her collar:

It's a cow jumping over the moon! So cute!!! And definitely a button right up my alley. (In case you aren't participating in back tack and are wondering, the pattern for this kitty is from Hilary of Wee Wonderfuls - one of several provided for the swap.)

I am debating where to put her - on my nightstand or at my crafting/sewing table to watch over all of my crafting. I am leaning toward the craft table since she came from a crafting swap and I don't have a studio confidante yet. Also, I think I might name her Blu Kitty in honor of Laura and her daughter.

I am definitely going to enjoy her - don't worry about that Laura! Thank you so much!!!

Oh, and my back tack recipient received her package last week - go check it out on her blog. It was hard to send my stuffy away, but getting such a great one in return has made everything okay again :)


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