I need a yarn intervention!

The quilting shop down the street has all of their Cascade yarn 50% off right now and I can't stop looking for projects to make and rethinking all the yarn I already bought. I bought 6 skeins (in addition to a lot more) for the Central Park Hoodie in green (7814), but am thinking I want a different color - the problem is they don't have very many I like. So now I'm thinking of buying white and dyeing it myself. Or they have this tweedy variegated stuff that I don't know how it will knit up, but I've been looking for swatches all over the internet. Of course, I also run into new projects I could be making. Is it bad to go there 2 days in a row and drop a ridiculous amount of money? But it's all half off! Seriously, I need help.


I have used that cascade twist for felting and it was beautiful!

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