Woo hoo! I got my Sockapalooza 4 socks today! And I LOVE THEM!!! They're soft, warm, a beautiful color and squishy on my feet (in a good way of course). And to top it all off, they fit me perfectly! The nights here are getting to the point where it's cold and requires socks, so these are going to be perfect until I get the nerve to wear them with shoes.

madlinetosh Highland Sock yarn in Aster (superwash merino, fingering weight)

They fit like a glove :)

They're more purple in real life - with tweedy flecks of red, yellow, green and blue

On top of all that too, my pal sent me all sorts of other wonderful goodies. The rest of the yarn used to make my socks , a second skein of yarn hand dyed in Austin, Texas (near my pal's house, some yummy treats and anti-bacterial hand lotion and gel.

Harmony fingering weight yarn by Zen String in Chocolat Cherise (50/50 British superwash Merino/Tencel blend) - so pretty! I'm going to have to find a special project for this. Maybe some lace?

Socks, yarn, candy, lotion, pretty pictures, what more could a girl want?

Kathryn - thank you so much! I don't have an email address for you and couldn't find you on the Sockapalooza 4 database, so I am going to have to mail you a thank you card. In the meantime, know that I love the whole package and I'll definitely be wearing these socks a lot!!!

This was a fabulous exchange overall - my sock recipient pal is in Canada for work, so it's going to be a little wait until she opens her package, but hopefully she'll like my package as much as I liked mine! I'm ready for Sockapalooza 5 now! hehehe...


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