Sockapalooza 4 send off

My Sockapalooza socks (plus some extras) are on their way to Pennsylvania. Actually, I think she'll be getting the package today... So here's what was in the package:
Pattern: Charade from I May Be Knitting a Ranch House (found via Ravelry)
Yarn: 1+part of a 2nd skein of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Envy from ebay
Needles: 2 x US1 Crystal Palace Bamboo DPN's (I started out doing one sock on two circulars, except one needle broke during the first sock, so I had to switch to magic loop on the remaining needle.)
Notes: I don't think I changed anything in this pattern, except that maybe I made the leg a little shorter than the pattern (I can't remember...) I really hope these fit here. Her feet are 2.5 sizes smaller than mine, so they definitely didn't fit me. Keep your fingers crossed!

I also sent a little emergency knitting kit to my pal because she has a history of getting stuck in her elevator at work.
(Sorry for the blurry pictures - I didn't realize they were blurry until today and of course I sent everything away already.)
The kit contains all the supplies necessary (except the DPN's) for her to knit a Harry Potter Bookscarf - in Gryffindor colors, naturally (her favorite house). I bought the same supplies for myself and lots of people are going to be getting these (whether they like it or not).

The last treat in there is some stitch markers I made as a spur of the moment idea.
I forgot to include a postcard from where I live, even though I managed to find a Mountain View postcard at Long's. I might just send it to her anyway. What am I going to do with it otherwise?

Now I just have to sit back and wait for her to receive the package. I can't wait! And I can't wait for my very own package to show up!


Jet said…
I opened my sockapalooza package with bated breath :) I luf my socks! Thank you so much. They fit perfectly.

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