TDF - stage 5 and Oscar

Well, today is the 5th stage of the Tour de France, but we're still on stage 3 (the time trial) on our DVR. I finally started spinning last night. I decided on some superwash merino from Tactile Fiber Arts that I bought at Bizarre Bazaar last year. Still can't find my camera cable or the card reader, so this is still a picture-less blog. Sorry! Just wanted to update on my Tour de Fleece progress.

In other news, Oscar just got back from a hike. Our regular dog walker wasn't working out because Oscar would come home and destroy stuff, so we had to find some way for him to get walked and get out some extra energy. Dog daycare doesn't work either since Oscar doesn't like other dogs and is aggresive towards him and the ones he's ok with he mostly ignores. Luckily I found a service on Craiglist that will take him on 2-3 hour hikes. For now he's going 1 day a week and I'm taking him to work 2 days a week (I only work 3 days/week). Today was his first hike and traning session (to get him to not be afraid of other dogs) and the report is that he did fabulously. He is currently hiked individually, with other handlers hiking 3 dogs at the same time and near him. Hopefully only 2 or 3 more hikes until he can join the rest of the group (which will be cheaper for us and means that he'll be better about other dogs). Yeah Oscar!!!


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