Tour de Fleece - stage 1

Watching the Tour de France right now on the brand new HD DVR. I have narrowed down what I want to spin to 3. But I can't start spinning it until I finish my Bath Design final project (which I am supposed to be doing now.) I have decided though that I want to knit EZ's February Baby Sweater with whatever I spin. Now I know what weight yarn to aim for (sport weight). I've spun before knowing what weight yarn I wanted, but this will be the first time I've ever spun anything with a specific project in mind.

I've been thinking that I should knit a baby sweater so that the adult-sized sweaters I make will improve. I have made several, but they're not the greatest, so hopefully working on a baby sweater with EZ's guidance I'll be able to improve my techniques.

Ok, have to work on my project. I have to present it on Monday, so after that spinning will start in earnest. In the meantime I'll be narrowing down my choices of what to spin and deciding exactly which one.


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