back tack II done!

I sent my back tack II package off to it's recipient last weekend. She's in Canada, so who knows how long it will take to get there. It definitely was not there by October 31 though, like it was supposed to be. oops! Hopefully it will be there any day now... So, in the meantime, here are some pictures.
Here's the bag itself. I bought an Eddie Bauer wool sweater from the thrift store and fulled it in the washing machine. Then I cut out the flower (from here, link via meggiecat) and sewed the backing fabric on by going around each petal with black thread. Sewed 2 sides together (bottom and left) from the inside by hand to leave a rough edge at the bottom, but a continous-looking side. Finally, I lined the whole thing and used grossgrain ribbon for the straps. I designed the straps to be long enough to go over my recipients shoulder and added some features inside so that this bag can be used for knitting projects on the go. Here's the inside:
Looks like I used the same fabric as Kath of redcurrent! On the bottom of the picture is a pocket where I managed to match up the fabric and on the top of the picture is a loop that closes by a button ( my first buttonhole!) to put the yarn of the project through so that it's easier to keep track off. You can't really see it, but also on the bottom of the picture on the left is a skinny pocket to put knitting needles into.
Here's a close-up of the yarn loop. I'm pretty proud of it!

My recipient already spins (beautiful yarn, I might add), dyes and knits, so I was sort of at a loss of what kit to put together for her. I decided to stay along the fiber arts line and put together this kit for her to incorporate beads into her knitting. She makes lots of socks and shawls and such, so I thought this would be a new thing to learn to snazz up those things (not that they need it, they're already great!) There's the book by Lilly Chin, some beading needles, small crochet hooks (for beading this way), a box full of size 6/E glass sead beeds and a skein of handspun yarn from woolarina that I bought at Crafty Bastards. I hope she likes it! I feel like I went out on a limb completely and hopefully I went out on the right one.

In case she didn't like the kit, I tried to include some other goodies for her to make up for it.

Pink and white frosted animal cookies, white tea from Trader Joe's, stickers and hair bands for her daughter, a skein of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride worsted and the pattern for the bike helmet ear warmers from here, whatchamacalit bars, a bar of milk chocolate and a pouch from the same fabric used to back the flower on the main back.

So, if my recipient happens to come across this entry, she definitely knows who she is by now!

I haven't heard from my back tack sender in awhile, so I don't know if I should be expecting a package or not :( Also, it looks like I'm not the only one that had the cut-something-out-of-felt-and-back-it-with-pretty-fabric idea!


kath red said…
i love that fabric, looks like yours is more blue, and i had the pinker/beige version. love your bag
Tiffany said…
AaaaaK! I pickup up a huge box from the post office today, opened it up and simply a.d.o.r.e everything! I will post about it in a couple of days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! :D
Sijbrich said…
I love the fabric that you used on the inside of the bag. Where did you get it?

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