Ceramics wednesday

Here it is, as promised, some of my ceramics. I am going to try and update the post always on Wednesdays, even if I have to do them all at once and just publish them one at a time.

This session, I started working on some casseroles. Unfortunately, I have not quite figured out the weight thing, so currently they weigh about ten hundred pounds. I am thinking of making the fact that the extra thick walls and bottom will just help to keep your casserole warm longer after bringing the whole thing out of the oven.

Here's the first one after the first bisque firing
It had some cracks in the inside and the outside where the bottom slab was attached to the thrown and then altered oval body. So, my instructor made some up for us in the blender.
mmmm.... yummy.... Anyway, this stuff is pretty interesting. She suggested researching it a bit on the internet and there is definitely a lot of info out there on it. After slapping it in the cracks and rubbing it in, back it went in for re-bisque firing.
Once it comes out, I'll be glazing it similar to this test piece.
I got the inspiration for this piece from a casserole that a relative has in their house. I think I did a pretty good job and I'll do a more thorough comparison once it's totally complete.
Finally, here is a casserole that went in for its first bisque firing.
It's more of a soup tureen shape, but hey, what do you expect from an amateur?

Next week - ceramic decals! oh yeah!


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