Fabric store frustration

So, I need to find a new fabric store. There are only two convenient choices for me right now. Wally-mart or Hancock Fabrics. Well, I have been silently boycotting wal-mart for a year or so now (I don't really want to get into it, but if you are paying attention to the news in the US, then you probably have an idea why - poor employee benefits, cheap crap made in china, etc...), so that's out of the question. Out of convenience, I have been stopping at Hancock Fabrics instead. That is until today. I have had several bad experiences there in the past and really, the number of bad experiences I have had there outweigh the good (and even mediocre) experiences by about 4 to 1. I had yet another bad experience today. In a nutshell, the employees in general are unhelpful and certainly not knowledgable when it comes to fabric cutting (including cutting in a straight line and straightening out the fabric before cutting) and store policies (what chain store does not give rain checks or price adjustments ???) There is one employee there that I really, really like, but I have not seen him in awhile and it's always a guess as to whether or not he is free to help me. And to top it all off, their prices are not good at all.

So, now I have to find a new place to get my fabric and sewing supply fix. I know of a smaller variety store somewhat out of my way and that's where I think I will go. At least the people there are nice, they have a pretty decent selection of fabric and notions and they are a mom and pop kind of store (so I won't mind paying regular prices for everything). It's either that or make a huge list of everything I want and go to the JoAnn's superstore in Maryland every couple of months. It might have to be a combination of both. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I might just have to make the leap to buying fabric online...

If you have read this far, congratulations. Leave me a comment and maybe I'll sew you a present! (Then again maybe not, so don't hold your breath). Stay tuned for my first ceramics post tomorrow!


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