Needle book

I've been thinking about making myself a needle book for some time now and I finally got around to it this week after realizing that my needles are sort of in disarray and always a little difficult to locate. I often just stick them in my cake pincushion (like the one I made for my first back tack swap), but I'm afraid that without any yarn threaded they'll sink in and be lost forever. I followed some of Martha's instructions (mostly the measurements) and kind of winged the rest.
Details: Wool felt, all hand sewn, next time I'll use a more contrasting color for the pages because the needles can be a little difficult to see.

I have tons of ideas for other things to sew on the front of these. I think I'm going to start making some more and putting them on etsy. Does that seem like a good idea or do people who would need/want a needle just make them for themselves?


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