4 days worth of posts all rolled into one exciting bundle of joy

I have been meaning to post a bunch of stuff for the last couple of days, but have been too busy to do it. So, here it is finally. None of it's too important, except for the last part. Oh and I'm working on figuring out this blogger thing some more (like putting in pictures and sidebars) to spice it all up, but that progress is slow-going.

Every spring, my car is covered in a fine layer of yellow pollen. I don't know what sort of plant it is from, but my car is currently black with a nice yellow dusting. The other day, I closed my car door and a cloud of pollen came off of the car. It must not be a highly allergenic pollen, because it's on all of the cars here and no one really seems to be that affected. You can always tell when people live or work near my work by the yellow layer of pollen on their car.

I was wondering the other day if everyone thinks about certain small gestures they make or if it's just me. For example, the other day, I was in the bathroom at work (one with multiple stalls) and picked up the front page of the Washington Post (the one with the article about the cousins from PA that got married in MD) from the floor. (Is it weird to pick up reading material on the bathroom floor? It's not like it's a public restroom or anything.) When I was done with my business, I got up and just threw the paper on the floor. It landed all folded up and funny so that the next person would have to pick it up to read anything. I noticed it there and had to fight really hard to not pick it back up and fix it. Would anyone else even have noticed that it was all funny and thought about fixing it? Or is it just me???

(This is the important part) We bought a new condo this week! It has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms! Yeah!!! We're both pretty excited, but a little freaked out, because it's certainly a larger mortgage payment than the one we have now. But on the other hand, we'll have a whole additional bathroom and bedroom. We can actually have guests over and they can have their own bathroom and not sleep on the couch! Yeah!!! Our new dining room/living room area is about 2 times as big as the one we have now. Yeah!!! We don't close until June, which gives us time to pack up and get rid of stuff. Did I mention Yeah!!!! ???? Once I figure the picture thing, I will put up the floor plan and pictures.

Spring Fair
is this weekend at JHU. Can't wait! If the weather is good, it's always nice to revisit the campus, run into random people, eat bad-for-you-but-delicious food and look at (and sometimes buy) fun crafty stuff. Oh and realize how old you are compared to college students. Yeah, that part - not so fun... oh well!


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