Cast on

I am now on the second row of hush-hush from Knitty. I have had the yarn for quite some time (I'm using the 3/2 pearl cotton from Halcyon as suggested in color 156). I'm making it in medium, so I ordered one mini cone and one 1 lb cone. So far it's going well (I am only on the second row after all). Surprisingly, 360 stitches go by pretty quickly. It's an easy yarn to use and I am using my first set of Addi turbos. Normally I try to do everything using my Denise interchangeables, but alas, they don't come in the US #2 and #3 sizes needed for this project. I like the Addis though. I made the swatch for this on our way to Hong Kong, but hadn't done much with it until now (not that 2 rows count for much). I'll keep you updated on the progress!

Working on this project though has inspired me to make some stitch markers of my own. Right now I'm using safety pins and they are kind of a pain because they are inflexible and get in the way. Plus I think using a circular jump ring will make it a little easier to count stitches. I have a stitch marker at every 50 stitches just to make counting easier. I like something like this, but think I'll stick to something easy and small to start. I am fighting all my urges to drag the hubby to Dupont Circle tonite to go to Beadazzled and buy all kinds of fun stuff to make stitch markers. (I do need some headpins, but we'll see if I can get Isaac to go or not).


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