Quite a lovely weekend with lots of link

Weekends like this past weekend make me remember why I love DC. The weather was absolutely beautiful all weekend. Friday night, Isaac and I went out for $1 sushi at Kotobuki, where they have decent sushi and always play the same Beatles albums. But if you go there, be sure to go to the Japanese restaurant upstairs, not the one downstairs where they make you wear a jacket (if you're a guy of course).

Saturday, we spent a lovely morning/early afternoon at Eastern Market on Capitol Hill. It was quite crowded, but very pleasant for wandering around looking at things. I went with some coworkers and Isaac met us for lunch at Market Lunch. mmm... crabcakes! We then bought lots of fruits and vegetables, cheese (twenty dollars worth of cheese) and some fresh spinach, cheese and pinenut ravioli. We then went home and spent the rest of the day cleaning the house.

Sunday, we went to the Strathmore with a friend to see Savion Glover. He is seriously awesome. Tons of talent. I wish I could be him, or at least tap somewhat like him. But I can't... On the way to the Strathmore, we had to drive up Connecticut Avenue on our way to Wisconsin Ave. There were hords and streams of people headed to the National Zoo. I mean tons. I have never seen it so crowded! It was still crowded 4 hours later when we were on our way home! Thank goodness we didn't go yesterday. After that, we went home and finished cleaning the house and ate delicious ravioli.

So, overall, a very nice weekend. Some socializing, time outside and best of all, our house is no longer a health hazard and I might actually consider having people over! Weekends like this make me want to stay in DC for ever and ever.


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