Lots of random bits

I got a summons for jury duty yesterday. I think Isaac and I are among the only people living in DC that haven't figured out how to get out of jury duty. Since moving here about 3 years ago, we have both already served once and now - 2 years and 2 months later (each DC resident having to serve only once every 2 years), I have to go again! Isaac expects his summons sometime next week, since that's exactly what happened last time. At least I didn't get called for a grand jury. Then I would have to report every day for 27 days!

I forgot both my wedding band and engagement ring today. It feels strange not to be wearing at least my wedding band, which I often wear alone (particularly on workout and ceramics days). At least I managed to make it 11 whole months without forgetting it. I keep touching my ring finger with my thumb like I do when I wear my wedding band to push it further down on my finger.

My dad is coming into town tonite for a meeting tomorrow. We're taking him to the Nationals game. Hurray!!! We are all looking forward to it. Hopefully his plane won't be delayed and Isaac will be able to leave work on time. Cross your fingers.

Finally, Isaac may have KO'd our harddrive. I really hope not for many reasons. #1 We spent so much time putting all our cd's on itunes, it's going to really suck to have to get them out of storage and put them all back on itunes. Plus there's those cd's that we *ahem* no longer have. #2 More importantly, we may have lost all of our pictures WAH!!! Hopefully my genius husband backed them all up recently...

Ok. That's all the bits for now.


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