If I had a million dollars...

I'd be rich!

And I would love to buy one of Hanne Falkenberg's knit kits. I stumbled across her designs because Knit Happens is having her trunk show right now. I am definitely going to make a trip to the store to check it out. I am particularly in love with Diva in this colorway and promenade in this colorway. But my absolute favorite is Tweedie, both in the colorway on the main page and this colorway. The only downside is the fact that her pieces are only sold as kits and they seem to run over $200. Yikes! I managed to find a couple on ebay, but they are still at least $120.
Although, my birthday is coming up... And, yes, I know that the yarn for most knit garments cost that much, but I still have yet to take the plunge and make something for myself out of yarn that costs over $35.

And since we're talking about knitting, check out the bottom of the ol' blog.

Edit: (More of a note to self really) I will most likely be purchasing one of the kits from here, here or here.


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