Ramble this-a way

Is it possible to have temporary ADD? If so, I think I have it today. I have tons of work to do, both at work and at home, and feel like I can't settle down enough to do any of it. Even as I am working on one thing, my mind is already thinking about doing something else. And I'm tired.

I took some time off work yesterday to help a friend look at wedding dresses (Hi Carolyn!) I had a great time hanging out with her, talking and looking at dresses. First of all, the people in Richmond (ok, technically, we were in Shortpump) are seriously freakin' nice and it has great shopping. If only it weren't so far away from DC and didn't involve driving on I-95... I am not sure how much help I really was to Carolyn. I feel badly too for taking her to a shop that I saw on the way to meet her, where she saw a fabulous dress that was $1400. I know lots of people spend way more on their dresses, but come on now, let's be serious. So, then we went to David's Bridal (which I swore after our wedding I would never, ever step foot in again, but the woman who helped us there was soooooo nice, that I might only go to the David's Bridal in Richmond ever again). We managed to find 2 really nice, but very different dresses that Carolyn liked. They were much more reasonably priced. Now the decision is basically up to her. I really feel like I was not helpful at all. It's such a personal decision though, I think other people are really only able to help so much. I waiting to hear what she decided though. I am really looking forward to her and Brian's wedding! It's in Switzerland!!!!

Looking at all of those dresses yesterday and talking about weddings really made me want to plan another wedding. Not for me, of course, but looking at dresses was really fun (some of them are so ugly!!!) I want to buy another dress and look at invitations and stuff like that. Maybe it's just the shopping gene in me hoping to be able to come out and play.

I have a lot more to talk about (like Canada, back tack and the wet felting class I took last week), but I think that will all have to wait for another post. For some reason, I am feeling like there are about 40 hours to few in the day!


Anonymous said…
Yes! more about back tack and what you want from your buddy! What're your favorite colors? Favorite icons/stuffed animals/fabric prints? Is spinning the only new hobby you've got right now? Let me know what your wish list is and I'll be inspired by it! "If I had a million dollars..."

- your back tack buddy :)

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