Monday and stuff

WARNING: Lots of complaining to follow.

What's with today today? I don't know if it's because it's Monday or what, but I am in a serious funk today. I'm sad because my anklet of sead beads that I got from Isaac's aunt broke yesterday during the race and neither of us could find it. That got me to thinking of all the things that I've lost or gotten rid of that I regret (like the mountains of clothes and stuff that were given away/thrown away when my parents moved). Which led to being sad about other things I regret (like not being on the ball enough to buy Black Crowes tickets the other day while they were still available, being so behind in everything I am supposed to be doing, especially household stuff, feeling like I am not a good wife or helpful member of the household, running more than ever, yet still feeling fat and nowhere near my pre-wedding size). I am also peeved that my back and shoulder hurt so much and that I can't just stay home all day taking care of all the stuff that needs my attention there.

I of course realize that these things are insignificant compared to other people who have lost family members and everything they own and have nothing to return to. But even so, I still think it's okay for everyone to be in a funk once in awhile. And today's my day.


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