Dye-O-Rama meme

The dye-o-rama mamas posted this meme and I thought I'd fill it out. Here goes.

1)  Your favorite colors?  Dark brown and all colors that go with it (especially strong pinks, blue, greens, etc).  I'm not particularly fond of pastels.

2)  Preferred yarn weight (Fingering, Sport, DK, maybe even Worsted)?  Any weight is ok with me.  I don't knit socks, but there are plenty of other patterns using all of those weights out there.  I'll figure out what to do with it later! 

3)  Do you prefer solid or multicolored yarn?  Probably mulitcolored or one-color but with shade variations (ie.  not just one solid color). 

4)  If your buddy is able to do so, would you like a variegated, self-striping, or self-patterning yarn?  Sure, but don't kill yourself trying it if you can't!  I like plain old dyed yarn too :)

5)  Would you be interested in a wool blend sock yarn (nylon, tencel, silk, acrylic, alpaca, etc.)?  I'm open to anything 

6)  Imagine the perfect colorway. What would you name it?  mmm..  I can't tell you because it's what I'm making for my partner!  The second perfect colorway would be called Spring because it's my favorite time of the year and I love all of the colors associated with spring (flowers blooming, grass turning green, blue skies, etc) 

7)  What was the biggest appeal to you for joining this dye-along?  It gives me a good excuse to buy yarn and dye and experiment with yarn dyeing. 

General yarn/fiber questions:  

8)  Have you dyed yarn/fiber before? 

      Yes, but only roving dyed with koolaid in the microwave in really small batches. 

9)  If so, what's your favorite dye and method?

      I guess it would have to be kool-aid in the microwave!  But for this swap, I'm going to try acid dyes on the stove or in the oven. 

10)  Do you spin?

      yes - I just bought a boat-load of stuff to spin at MDSW - check out the handful of posts before this one.

11) Have you knit socks before?

      nope - not sure I ever will either.  Their portability appeals to me, but actually wearing them doesn't really - unless they're footies, I might go for those.  There is a sample pair that I really like at Knit Happens, but Holly told me that she doesn't have a pattern for them :(

12)  Do you use sock yarn for just socks or in other patterns too?

      Well, seeing as I've never knit a sock, I guess it's only for other patterns.

13)  What are some of your favorite yarns?  

     I really like the wool/silk blends they have a Springwater.

14)  What yarn do you totally covet?  

     Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk, only because I really want to make Lara, but have a really hard time spending $100+ on the yarn to make it.  I have tried to find a substitute, but the Alpaca silk is so soft and pretty!

15)  Favorite patterns?

      I love the shining star hat pattern by Kate Gilbert.  It's so easy and quick to make (especially for babies) and the result is pretty.  I like patterns that are more than just stockinette stitch but not so complicated that I have to be reading the pattern for every stitch.  I also like patterns that don't require any seaming, teach me a new skill (like with the sleeves of sitcom chick) and quick patterns to knit (especially those that use some of the single skeins I couldn't live without in my stash). 

16)  Any pattern you would love to make if money and time were no object?

      I would love to make one of Hanne Falkenberg's kits (Diva, Ballerina, Tweedie or Jazz), but would pick a less itchy yarn.  They have them here.  As I mentioned before also, I would love to knit Lara (I already have the pattern, just need the money!)

17)  Favorite kind of needles (brand, materials, straights or circs, etc)?

      Addi Turbo circs - but due to the fact that I don't want to be spending tons and tons of money on needles, I use my 2 sets of Denise Interchangeables a lot.  Ideally I would like a needle with the fast metal needles and skinny, flexible Addi Turbo cables but for it to be interchangeable.   

18)  If you were a specific kind of yarn, which brand and kind of yarn would you be? 

      I would be a hanspun yarn made of ostly wool with a few fun little bits and fiber types thrown in here and there.  I would probably be somewhere between DK and bulky weight.  Not super colorful, but every now and then have a little surprise color or fiber bit.  One thing is for sure - I would be one of a kind!

Nothing to do with knitting/yarn/fiber in any way but seemed kinda fun: 

19)  Do you have a favorite candy or mail-able snack?

      I'm not really a big candy eater.  I love chocolate and oreo cookies, but really don't eat them that much because of their sugar content.  I like dried fruit a lot (including fruit leather!)  And I like a lot of weird snacks that you would buy at the health food store (seeds and nuts) and the asian grocery store (like dried squid!) no one else will eat.   

20)  What's your favorite animal?

      Cats and pandas (I know that's 2 favorite animals, but I am an animal lover!)

21)  Do you have pets? What are their species/names/ages?

      Yes, we have a fishtank full of fish - no names and ages vary. We also have a red-eared slider (a turtle) named Dario.  I think he is about 4 years old.  He was one of those turtles sold in NYC's Chinatown for $3.  He started out about the size of a half dollar and is now about 10" across!  

22)  If you were a color what color would you be?

      A calm, but intense/deep color like sea green or sea blue. 

23)  Describe your favorite shirt (yours or someone else's).

      A dark brown (shocking, I know) t-shirt from Target that is just the right length and has some stretch to it, making it not too tight, but not loose either.  I love t-shirts with some stretch to them.  I also really like the sleevless t's from American Apparel

24)  What is your most inspiring image, flower, or object in nature?

      I don't think there is any one thing in nature that most inspires me.  I find everything in nature inspiring - the colors, the shapes of trees, flowers on trees, flowers in general, the color of the sky, the wind, I could go on and on!  Spring definitely inspires me a lot too (the weather, everything blooming, people going outside more, etc)  

25)  Tell me the best quote you've ever heard or read. 

     I know there are some, but I can't think of them off of the top of my head.

26)  Do you have a wishlist?

      yes.  sort of.  I made it more for myself so that I can remember what I want to eventually buy.  

27)  Anything else you'd like to share with the group today?

      I think anything my dye-o-rama partner makes for me will be spectacular!  I hope they are having a good time with this all!

I'm posting this to blogger via email.  How cool is that?  Unfortunately, it does not support pictures, but great for text!


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