Maryland Sheep and Wool - Yarn report

Isaac is asking me if I can use the power drill to spin yarn. I am thinking that maybe with a lot of pre-drafting it can work. He is currently investigating the possibility...

Oh wait, this post is supposed to be about yarn. (Scroll down to the bottom for swap progress updates.)

I only bought 5 skeins of yarn at MDSW! I guess after all the spinning fiber I bought, I couldn't really justify buying yarn. But the yarn I bought is pretty nice.

It's my first Noro purchase ever! 5 balls of Noro Kureyon in color 134 from Misty Mountain Farm. Thanks to my handy-dandy spreadsheet I took with me, I knew that these would be sufficient to make Tovesta (shown below) from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Noro 2 (which I will be buying from Springwater next time I am there).

The best part is that the Kureyon was 30% off - so each ball was only $7.20! Now I'll get a chance to see what all of the fuss is about over Noro.

So, that's all the yarn I bought. Not too bad at all (just don't think about all the other stuff I bought...)

I did see this really cool giant basket outside of the Hillcreek Fiber Studio tent.

You can't really see the scale too well here, but it's probably about a foot in diameter across the mouth and was made holding several strands of yarn together. I am guess that it is crocheted, but I really have no idea. I know it's not knit, but that's about it. Can anyone help me with this one? Is it from some pattern I don't know about? (which, when it comes to crochet, I don't know much about any of them)

I also found the perfect yarn for a blanket that my sister wants me to knit for her. It was also at Hillcreek - it's Brown Sheep's Burley Spun. It's got a super big gauge and comes in the grey she wants. Now I just have to order some from somewhere.

Dye-o-rama and back tack III updates

I placed an order with knitpicks for a whole bunch of fingering weight 'color your own' yarn (and some shimmer in turquoise splendor for a clapotis while I was at it - hey, I wanted free shipping, what can I say?) I also got 6 packs of Cushing's acid dyes at MDSW, a mask and pvc to make a niddy noddy at Lowe's. I need to get some pots and stuff dedicated to dying at the thrift store, wait for the yarn to arrive and I will be ready to dye my heart out (oh and borrow - indefinitely - some disposable gloves from work.) I also scoped out the paint section while I was at Lowe's today picking out various possible color combinations for my yarn. I highly recommend it - it was fun and an easy way to figure out which colors go well together.

back tack III
The prototype has been sewn, but the joints just came in the mail today. Last night I realized that the prototype is going to be more than 20cm in height, so I had to make some pattern modifications on the xerox machine today. Hopefully they will work out ok. I picked out fabric for the body today, but still need to go back and get some more for accessories. This weekend I'll probably start working on the final stuffy.

For once I am actually on schedule for a swap (knock on wood it stays that way). And I am really enjoying both of them a lot!

Now though, I must go to bed.


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