No luck at Michael's

The search for stuffy joints (or whatever they're called) was a bust at Michael's. They have sort of a random selection of doll/bear making supplies - tons and tons of googly eyes, some hair, some fleece for beards and such, those black eyes that need a back (like these) and some half-sphere things that are eyes, I guess, but I couldn't figure out how to attach them (hot glue maybe?) But no joints and no noses and no buttons for eyes.

Tomorrow I'll be placing an order at CR's craft (a link I got out of the back of the small toys to sew booklet I bought from Sewing Stars) for all the goods I need (especially since Joann's and AC Moore are a pain to get to). Hopefully they'll get here soon so I won't be rushing to meet the deadline!!!

I took some ceramics pictures, so there will actually be ceramics Wednesday tomorrow.


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