I'm done ahead of schedule!

I finished up my back tack III project over the weekend. I'll actually be sending her out (barely) ahead of schedule!

I realized though last night that I broke almost all of the rules.

1. They must be made from black and/or white materials. How much of either you use is up to you. It can be plain, or patterned. It can be knitted, felted, plastic whatever your imagination comes up with. We want you to get creative here, and think outside the box.

Ok, I actually followed this rule...

2. 1 additional colour - and one only - may be used, but it cannot comprise more than 20% of the final piece.

This is a bit tricky. The stuffy itself does not use any other colors except for some yellow floss I used to embroider the initial. If the right included accessory is utilized, then 20% of the final piece is one additional color. But if one of the other 2 accessories are utilized, then there is more than 1 additional color. Just try to ignore the fact that there are 3 accessories of different color that, combined, add up to more area of fabric than the stuffy itself. Does any of that make sense?

3. The softie cannot be any higher than 20cm

Uh, when sitting, she sits probably 22cm tall...

4. You must attach 5 buttons of your choice, in locations also of your choice, to the softie.

I didn't realize that I broke this rule until last night. I used 5 buttons, but they are attached to her accessories, not the softie. oops.

5. You must include on your softie somewhere the first initial of the person you are sending this to. So if you are sending to Sarah, you must have a letter 'S' somewhere on the softie. Again, use your imagination.

I managed to follow this one too even though I don't feel like the initial is my finest work. It's more like something I did because I had to. But one of her accessories has the initial on it.

So, are you dying for some pictures? Well, here's one I took on the way to work this morning that doesn't show her completely, so hopefully I'm not giving too much away. By the way, that's the Washington monument in the background.

That's the only one for now though until I send her off. I'm going to include some silk cap and maybe some handmade stitch markers in the package. I don't know what else to send though. Any suggestions?

I'll post more information on the pattern and what I did after Jenanne has received her.


Alison said…
Nope. You didn't break any rules :) Only 1 of my buttons was actually on the softie as well. :))
Sweet Treat said…
Looks really cute! Congratulations!
Dyesalot said…
Jenanne has received her softy and ...

...is in love! This is truly one of the coolest things that has EVER been made for me. :) I'm completely in love.


:) I'll post photos on my blog tonight I'd guess. :)

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