Where am I?

I feel like I am neglecting my blog lately. But between the sewing for back tack and the equipment/supply purchasing for dye-o-rama, I don't have much time for posting left! Add that to the wool-washing class I took at Springwater last week (sheep are smell-ee!) and the drop spindle spinning I have been doing, there's not much time left for picture uploading and blogging!

If you are my back tack recipient, never fear, I have been dilligently working on your stuffy! I'm currently working on some details before I stuff her and sew her up. Then I have to sew a few additional pieces and I will be finito! I embroidered on the initial yesterday, but I'm not sure I like it, so I may have to fiddle with that some more. She's coming along quite nicely though. Isaac is a little sad that I will be sending her away. I think I will be right on time for the deadline!

My dyeorama project is currently taking backseat to backtack since the deadline for dyeorama is later. I was all ready to mix the acid dyes up this weekend, but I saw a couple of posts on the dyeorama blog that made me worried about the health risks involved. Looks like I might be dyeing with kool-aid after all. My recipient posted a picture of some yarn she dyed this past weekend and I think that what I have in mind will fit her nicely.

Since this is an anonymous process I'm going to tell you that I am plannning to dye a colorway called Cherry Blossom. I'm not normally into pinks, but I think the combination of pink, white and a little green and brown might come out really nicely.

Here's a couple of pictures of the cherry blossoms around the tidal basin here in DC, in case you don't quite know what I'm imagining. (Click for a larger version)

I probably am going to tone down the pink some though. It will most likely not be the predominant color. I am also not planning on making self-striping yarn because that just seems way too complicated.

Oh and hey, today's our 2 year anniversary!


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