the hard part's done - now for the shopping part!

My day off was productive, but not as productive as I had hoped (that always happens of course). I did manage to finish the bag to send off to my back tack recipient. Unfortunately, I have no (good) pictures. Something seems to have happened to our digital camera (waaahhh!!!). I am pleased with how the bag turned out (I almost want to keep it for myself, but then I'd have to make something else for my recipient!). The bag is sort of library book-bag like, in that it's flat with straps to go over your shoulder. I added some pockets inside (one for whatever, a longer one for storing knitting needles) and a flap that buttons for putting your yarn through for knitting on the go. I also made a coordinating pouch. Bags may look simple, but there is a lot of planning that has to go into them! I am hoping to make it to JoAnn's this weekend to buy some beads and other goodies to go in the bag and I'm waiting for the book I ordered to arrive to add to the stash. Hopefully I'll be able to send everything off next week!

Pictures as soon as the camera is fixed or I take new ones with the other camera.


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