My first meme

I've been thinking about doing one for awhile and this is it. Basically you type your name and the work needs into google and write down the results. Here goes (note: most of these are about Serena Williams, but some definitely apply to me - wierd!):

Serena needs is to know when to switch to different items to accomplish different tasks
Serena needs an intervention
Serena needs new foster ASAP
Serena needs to lose a good 10 pounds off of her
Serena needs to get on the comeback trail
Serena needs a good job
Serena needs only 40 minutes to win
Serena needs to take a lesson from Andre Agrassi
Serena needs to grow up

That's all from the first results page (minus the last result, which didn't make any sense and was from an adult forum anyway.)


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