The plan for monday

I just ate about a million kung pao string beans and now I feel ill. yuck.

I have monday off next week for Columbus day and I am looking forward to my first day off in awhile at home by myself. I have all sorts of stuff I am planning to do and hopefully I'll be able to get my craft on. Here's the plan:

  • start and finish back tack project (not including the kit to go in it)
  • do my stats homework (not crafty, but if I get it done, then I'll have more time for crafting later!)
  • transfer my ceramics notes to notecards
  • clean the house and the car (also not crafty, but good for sanity)
  • sew a couple of skirts (already have the fabric and I made my own pattern)
  • restring row counter braclet I made awhile ago
  • make some stitch markers from the beads I bought at Beadazzled months ago
I would also like to work on a stuffy pattern for myself. I really like the cats made by hopskipjump. I keep thinking they would be such great presents, both for kids and adults alike. Their outfits are adorable and I love that they are made out of tweed.


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