I am a crafty bastard

Ok, I'm not really. This year's Crafty Bastards was within walking distance of our house though. It was much bigger than last year. My goal of the day was to meet Heidi of My Paper Crane and Tina of I Like Seamonsters. I did it too! I introduced myself to both of them and had little convos with both. I managed to score one of Heidi's sweet owl purses and a broccoli pin for Isaac. I really wanted a toaster purse and a great hat she had, but I'd already spent enough. Tina gave me a little goody bag for mentioning that I read her blog, but I didn't buy anything from her.

Other purchases include:
  • handspun/hand-dyed yarn from Woolarina (including some sock yarn for my back tack sendee - which may come in useful for the new craft I am introducing to her (hint!))
  • a bicycle shirt from dynamite printworks
  • barrel of monkey earrings from nanobonbon (a friend I was with bought a lego necklace)
I think those are all the purchases. I picked up lots of business cards though and a ton of inspiration. I think next year (if we are around) I would really like to try and participate. Except then I wouldn't get to walk around and enjoy all the stuff. hhmmm.. dilema.

I also saw some great breakdancing. I love breakdancing!

We went to lunch at the SLOWEST french restaurant in Adams Morgan. Our waiter was really cute, but apparently his brain and body only ran at half speed.


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