Houston, we have, um, a problem

So, last night I was chugging along on my SC and knit the last increase row. Then, I decided that it might be nice to check that my stitch count matched up to the one given in the pattern. Um, yeah, that was probably a good thing, but I am a dumb a$$ and way back when I put the stitch markers on the needles, I read the directions for putting the stitch markers on for the smallest size, not the second to smallest size (which is the size I am making). So all of my increases are off by 5 (as in 5 stitches closer to the front of the cardigan). I am really, really hoping that it won't matter too much and that they will end up somewhere along the side of the cardigan like they're supposed to be. They're not too visible and I doubt that anyone will be looking too hard, but still I'll know... Good thing this isn't the real olympics, because if it were, I would be out of gold medal contention. (And no picture either because it would probably be the world's most boring picture and you can't really see the screw up unless you count the stitches - maybe I'll post one after the sleeves are on.)

I did go through last night and circle all of the numbers related to the size I am making. I should have listened to Kristine's wise ways to begin with...

Oh and yesterday I was reminded that I 10 days left to finish this sucker (which means only 9 today). Yikes!


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