I did a naugh ty thing

I had to return something to the yarn store and came home with this :

(much darker brown in real life - our camera has some flash issues)

I am planning to make the turtleneck shrug from Scarf Style, which Isaac so kindly borrowed for me from the library and which I have been obsessing about since seeing it here.
(sorry for the crappy pictures, but apparently it's hard to take pictures of a book - but how cute is this???)

I figured that the item I returned was for store credit anyway, so I went ahead and bought these 3 balls, which was very bad of me for 3 reasons (in order of badness).

1) I have tons and tons of yarn already (but really, what knitter/crocheter doesn't?)

2) I am supposed to be working on my sitcom chic for the knitting olympics (which I really don't see how I am going to get done in time)

3) It's almost spring, which is followed by summer, so when on earth will I wear this? (On the other hand, it is supposed to fall back down to the 30's this weekend. Oh, but wait, the knitting olympics. yeah, right)

It wasn't a break the bank purchase, so I don't feel too guilty (versus the 4 additional skeins of blue sky alpacas worsted I could have picked to add to the 2 I already own for this project).

I really want to cast on for this right now. But I will use what little will power I have and wait until I am done with sitcom chic. Even more incentive to knit it up quickly.

Speaking of the knitting olympics, here is my current progress:

I only have one more increase left before I can just straight knit for awhile. oh yeah. Have I mentioned how boring knitting in stockinette can be? Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so.

Let me wrap up today by saying that I forgot about ceramics Wednesday this week. Sorry about that, but all I had to show this week really was some dirty fingernails from stirring glaze. However, I am going to be showing a piece at the Art League student show! It's not juried (and apparently doesn't have anything worthwhile to link to), so don't get too excited, but at least it's a show!


lidabit said…
I'm at the same point on my SC - now I don't feel behind, but how are we ever going to finish in another 10 days??

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