Knitting Olympics Report - Day 3


As of 11pm, February 12, 2006, Knitting Olympics contender Serena is on row 35 of her Sitcom Chic cardi. Progress is coming along quite nicely, but questions are being raised as to whether or not she will be able to mantain the current pace for the entire Olympic games. The in-laws are visiting next weekend and there is still some cleaning to be done. We will keep you updated on her quest for gold.


There has been a sighting of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Last reported sighting was at 8:00 am, February 13, 2006. Please take note of the many noodly appendages.

(I guess this is why you should re-wind your yarn. Just because it was supposed to be center pull, doesn't mean it will work that way.) (Make your own FSM with help from one of these links: wee wonderfuls, boing boing, the knitting fiend)


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