what the ?$#%

Rule number 6 of the knitting olympics:

6. You may swatch before the games. (I consider this "training.")

So, I thought I would since this is the first garment I have ever made where fit actually matters. I made my first swatch using the recommended needle size (us8) and yarn (lion brand cotton ease) and ended up with 15.5sts/24 rows per 4" after washing and drying the swatch (the pattern calls for 18sts/24 rows per 4"). So I went down a needles size and swatched again. This time after washing and drying, I ended up with 14.5 sts/21 1/3 rows per 4". When I line them up together, the stitches of the new swatch are definitely bigger than the old one.

What on earth is going on here? What the heck should I do now??? Going down a needles size should result in more stitches per inch, not less!!!

Part of me really wants to bag the swatch, but apparently that would be a horrible idea since I am not getting the expected results.

(no pictures because they would be insanely boring)

On to swatch 3 using us5's (all the us6's are in use).


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