Ceramics wednesday excuses

So, I don't have much for ceramics Wednesday this week. (Do I really ever?) This weeks excuses are 1) I can't find the card reader for the camera (which also explains the lack of pictures lately) and 2) the mug I have from Starbucks (which is the greatest mug ever) is still at ceramics where I realized I left it this morning.

Instead, here's a link to Heath Ceramics, which has some very nice, simple, functional pieces. There is a 25% off deal right now too if you subscribe to Daily Candy (easy and free to sign up!) and know the code (good on everything but teapots). I will definitely be spending some more time browsing their website for some inpiring pieces.

If you're into reading today, there was a good piece on whip up about ceramic decals, something we learned about last session that can really spruce up a piece that you think is just butt ugly after glazing.


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