or ADD?

I am not sure what my problem is, but I seem to be really (really) good at starting a knitting or sewing project and then not finishing it. I think I want instant gratification with my projects, so I start something I just have to make, get impatient because I can't finish it in a week and jump to the next thing (which is always already lined up).

Case in point -

Projects currently being made (sort of a repeat from this post):
  • Turtleneck shrug (I am half way done with the second sleeve at least). I have told myself that I can't start any of the knitting projects I have waiting until I finish this.
  • Sitcom chic cardigan (aka my knitting olympics project) - although I have picked this back up again thanks to the comment from Amy
  • A blanket from Sarah Dallas knitting that I started a really, really long time ago and have yet to finish - I blame that on the fact that it is only stockinette stitch, which is quite boring (and slight motivation to get a knitting machine...) I think I am over half way done, I just need the time and the push to pick it back up (and no projects available that are more interesting).
  • The Clapotis that I started last week, which is only going to be 1 skein worth of yarn, so hopefully it will go fast.
  • I have a couple of other projects that were abandoned a long time ago hiding somewhere in my yarn cabinet. I am going to have to dig those out and inventory them.
Things on the list to knit next (in order of least likely to start next at the top and most likely to knit next at the bottom):
  • Baby Bobbi Bear - I already have the yarn and pattern for this
  • Lara by Debbie Bliss - I have the pattern and maybe the yarn for this (not sure if I bought enough or if the gauge is right)
  • A scarf idea that is running around in my head inspired by one I saw in Hong Kong last year - yarn already purchased.
  • A blanket for my sister in a superchunky yarn that is yet to be identified - I sort of have the pattern for this since I am making one up based on a blanket we saw at Marshall Field's .
  • Circular shrug from Craftster(link to simplified pattern and an example for me to aspire to and a pdf version so you don't have to wade through the 49 pages of the original topic). - I am pretty sure I have the yarn for this (same yarn as for Lara, but in a different color) and obviously already have the pattern.
So, let's recap: 4 projects in the works (plus a handful of projects on indefinite hold) and 4 in the wings. And these are only the knitting projects!!!

I could honestly go on and on about the circular shrug and how much I love it and can't wait to knit it, but I think I will wait until I actually start it.

Sorry if you came for non-repetitive, non-knitting content - you're probably bored out of your skull!!!

I'll try to update this post later this week with some progress pictures.


Dyesalot said…
Sitcom Chic is one of my all time favourite finished projects. I've made two of them and wear them all the time! Can't wait to see yours finished. :)
mamaloo said…
Hi! Thanks for linking to the pattern. Just thought I should point out that the pdf doesn't exist anymore. It was replaced by the pattern posted on momcast.

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