A little help please

My wedding dress is at the cleaners finally!!! Almost 2 years later, I hope they'll be able to get the mud and goose poo out of the hem. I am looking forward to getting it back and seeing how pretty it is again.

Speaking of wedding - anyone have any good ideas for an anniversary present for the 2nd anniversary (the cotton anniversary)? Last year it was the paper anniversary and I changed my name (unbeknownst to Isaac) and gave him all the documents from that (including the stationary I had printed for myself with my new name :) He really liked that and I am not sure how I am going to top it this year. And I want something meaningful, not socks like my sister suggested.

If you actually help me with this, I'll send you some homespun yarn! (hmm.. is that really a prize or a punishment?)


FinnyKnits said…
I'm working on anniversary #2, too. It's kinda tough, right? I mean, how glamorous is a drawerful of new underwear anyway? I'm thinking maybe a stack of new jeans for my oh so down to earth man. Any ideas?

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